Top 5 Brunch Spots You Shouldn't Miss in Egypt

Brunch is the meal you eat between breakfast and lunch, it's the combination of those meals, but it's not just that! It has evolved into a symbol of indulgence, leisurely weekends, and special occasions. In Egypt, people attained the concept of brunch from a long time ago. With that said, check the top 5 restaurants that serve brunch in Egypt that you can't miss. Daily Dose Cafe, 30 North cafe, Qahwa, Oldish and Cafe Cornish.

Watching a movie, series or a sitcom and you hear the actors saying “let's go get brunch”, or “do you want to eat? I can have brunch!” You probably have heard this while watching American movies but never really in Egyptian ones. Can you think of a word that would equate brunch here in Egypt?  

Well, we do! We have the brunch concept here in Egypt, in fact, it's been here for so many years!

Given that, let's get to know more about brunch's concept!

What's brunch?

Simply put, brunch is the meal you eat between breakfast and lunch, it's the combination of those meals, but it's not just that!

Brunch has evolved into a symbol of indulgence, leisurely weekends, and special occasions. It is more than just a mash-up of two meals. Brunch has become a symbol of togetherness and making memories, and it's associated with weekends which means that brunch always has a positive connotation.

Brunch can be a small snack or a full meal, so you can be served with eggs, sausages and pancakes to a range of bakery that includes anything from croissants to pizzas 

History of brunch

The meal originated in Britain first in the late 19th century, then swept its way to America in The 1930s.  As brunch gained popularity in America, it was a posh event served to the wealthy in upscale hotels, their meals used to include eggs, oysters and caviar.

The middle class started eating brunch in the 1930s. Due to how convenient, affordable, and simple it was, housewives, businesswomen, and bachelors started hosting brunch at their homes. A straightforward way to spend a relaxing morning with family or friends involved frying bacon, buying donuts and baked goods, and setting out orange juice, tea, and coffee.

The population accepted brunch as the meal of leisure it was intended to be. In the 1940s, because it was affordable and a two-in-one meal with special touches not available during the week, brunch steadily increased in popularity. So, people used to have oatmeals for the rest of the week and on the weekends they rewarded themselves with brunch meals.

You may ask yourself, why people used to associate it with weekends? Simply, because on the weekends people wake up later than the rest of the week so they enjoy their brunch meals then.

Moreover, in the nineties people started to love the idea of restaurants serving brunch on weekends because they felt it makes it a cultural thing.

Shortly then, brunch goes global and it started to be normalized in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Fun fact: technically Egyptians have brunch almost everyday because some of us have their first meal between 12:00-2:00 pm which is the known brunch time.

With that said, get to know the best places that serve brunch in Egypt.

Top 5 Brunch Spots You Shouldn't Miss in Egypt

Top 5 Brunch Spots You Shouldn't Miss in Egypt

Egyptian gastronomy is full of vegetables, fruits, eggs, bakery and many more...and this caters to all Egyptian taste buds! 

Daily Dose Egypt

Daily Dose

Daily Dose is not just another coffee shop, it's a social house nesting in the sea-side of El Gouna, Egypt.

They serve speciality coffee along with a variety of brunch plates that caters to everyone's taste buds. Their dishes would definitely satisfy your tummy; and what would be better than enjoying these plates with the best sea view and friendly faces.

30 North Cafe

30 North

30 North is also a great option for brunch outings, it serves a wide variety of sandwiches, egg plates, salads, and bakery. Their menu of beverages also gets perfectly along with their food menu!

They're located in New Cairo, El Sheikh Zayed, and Zamalek.



Qahwa, also known as the perfect breakfast spot, also serves a brunch menu brunch menu that is finger licking! Qahwa is one of the places in Egypt where you can go to for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, and also fits casual outings.

It has 9 locations so you can enjoy it wherever you are!



If you're looking for Egyptian brunch, then Oldish is your go-to! Oldish is one of the authentic places in Egypt, it serves authentic plates and delicious ones as well.

It's located in Downtown Cairo, and Zamalek.

Cafe Corniche

This one is located in Semiramis InterContinental Cairo, it has one of the best brunch options served fresh and delicious and its location gives it a full experience.

Go grab a brunch at your nearest spot when you can as this meal is undefeatable!

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