Retail stores we'd love to have in Egypt - Types of retail stores!

Knowing the type of your retail store can help in making wise choices about how to merchandise your products and be aware of its features and layout.
Retail stores we'd love to have in Egypt - Types of retail stores!

Most customers don't give much thought to the "type" of the store they visit as long as they can find what they're looking for. However, business owners with products they want to develop and meet consumer expectations must consider the various categories of retail stores.

You will see a significant difference in the types of retail stores that exist if you compare the retail environment today to that of the early 1980s and 1990s. The rise of the marketing era is one of the primary causes of this change.

Retailers started to understand that providing customers with unique experiences and offerings is a great way to boost profits. Due to this, we now have a variety of retail businesses that rely on customers' actions and manufacturers' skills.

Each sets itself apart from the competition, based on the goods they provide and how they provide them.

With that said, let's discover the different types of retail stores.

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5 types of retail stores

#1 Department stores

A department store is a retailer that can be found frequently in malls and offers a variety of consumer goods in various sections (or departments) of the store. Department stores often carry on high-end brands.

The average size of a department store is 250,000 square feet.

#2 Superstores

Hypermarket, Carrefour, and El Morshedy are considered superstores. These stores are very large in size and offer a wide variety of goods in many different product categories.

For instance, you can purchase a new drill, plants, hand soap, groceries, and stationery from the same store. With typical ranges between 90,000 and 200,000 square feet, these stores typically occupy more than 50,000 square feet. Frequently, they have their own parking lots.

#3 Convenience stores

Convenience stores are characterized by their small size, the "quick trip" experiences they provide, and convenient opening times. Typically, they offer a variety of inexpensive foods and beverages, and basic necessities. Many include a petrol station in their list of amenities.

Quick, Circle K, and Master are examples of these convenience stores.

The layout of a convenience store is typically diagonal or straight, with an average size of 2400 square feet.

#4 Speciality stores

Specialty stores can carry on different styles and a wide variety of brands and models. Some examples of these stores can be craft shops, furniture shops, garden centers, sporting goods shops, and bookstores.

Depending on the kind of store it is, a specialty store's typical size will change significantly. You might run a small boutique with just 2,000 square feet or a big international brand with 60,000 square feet of space needs.

#5 Grocery/Supermarket stores

Supermarkets and grocery stores offer a broad selection of food items. Fresh and packaged foods, beer and wine, pet food, and essential household items like paper products and cleaners are typical selections. Seoudi, Gourmet, and Fresh Food Market are examples of this category.

Currently, the average grocery store is 38,000 square feet in size. Small formats are 12,000 to 25,000 square feet in size, and micro-stores in urban markets are even smaller.

Why is it important to know the type of your retail stores?

The importance of knowing the type of your retail store can help in making wise choices about how to merchandise your products, being aware of its features and its typical layout.

By positioning your products where they are most likely to be noticed, you can make the most of every customer's visit.

So, knowing this information let us discover what retail stores we want to see in Egypt one day!

Retail stores we'd love to have in Egypt

#1 Sephora


A makeup haven that has over 340 makeup brands that sell cosmetics, skincare, and body care products.

#2 Target


At Target you can find anything you can ever need from clothes to electronics and household materials all at reasonable prices.

#3 Walmart


Likewise, Walmart is pretty similar to Target. However, Walmart is the place to go if you want the best discounts and benefits.

While Target provides an improved shopping experience and high-quality products with innovative designs that appear much more expensive than they are.

#4 Primark


Primark is a well-known Irish brand and it's considered fast fashion. It provides affordable options for everyone, including high-quality everyday essentials, distinctively stylish clothing for men, women, and children, as well as accessories, home goods, and beauty products.

#5 Boots


Boots is a beauty and healthcare store, you can find a range of all the beauty and skincare products you can ask for!

We'd love to see all these brands one day in Egypt, and if you're anything like us we think you’d love to have them in Egypt as well.

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