Commercial Real Estate

At Tayf we handle the complete process from research to marketing and operation of real estate. We also provide commercial property management. We operate, maintain and oversee your commercial properties and all it encompasses.



Research and analysis is the building block to any process we do! We come up with data and insights that sets the tone for the remainder of any project. We believe that this is one of the most crucial steps that allows us to dig deeper in the market and find the hidden opportunity in any industry/field we operate in. Our team of analysts are experts when it comes to finding golden opportunities!

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Our marketing team leaves no stones unturned when it comes to understanding our target audience and reaching them where it is most suitable.Our marketing strategy is always customer centric and aiming to provide value to our clients. We care about our client’s experience and hope to ease their daily struggles and thus we create the best service/s that fits their needs like a glove!


Tayf’s operations specialists spare no effort when it comes to planning and managing any project we take on. No detail is too small and no client comment is disregarded. Our team is trained to handle any problem nomatter how big or small it may be. Our goal is to ensure that everything runs smoothly for our clients peace of mind. 

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How Can We Help You

Analyze the market
Set Marketing
Define Online
Showing and
leasing of Units
Supervising and coordinating property maintenance
Community building among tenants

Let Us Guide Your Investment

Research of new products & services

Customised business and operations plan

Marketing strategy for your project

Site selection & site development assistance

Management training for your team


We know that being in two places at once is unimaginable but at Llivia you can! A mixed-use building within a business district in Mivida (Emaar Egypt) that offers retail spaces and administrative offices.

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Llivia in Mivida Business Park
Shopping Boulevard